Wood Sculptures


Untitled Triptych 2008

This 2D study series was influenced by the 3D physics of sound and wave patterns. The concept is linked to a proposal to create music by using the stone cladding on the Getty Museum in L.A. as a percussion instrument (details: Playing the Getty.pdf)

Panel size:  24”x32” each   Weight: 18 lbs each (approximately)

Untitled Diptych 2007

This two panels were influenced by concepts related to cellular mitosis.

Panel size:  24”x24” each   Weight: 22 lbs each (approximately)

Note: Because of the abstract nature of most of my work, I don’t normally title any of the pieces. I think this allows a greater measure of freedom for viewers to use their own imagination. I do sometimes include a brief narrative of what ideas I might have been entertaining during the construction process.